Can dry fruits cause harm to the body?

To increase awareness and to stay healthy, people often recommend to eat yoga, go to the gym and eat dry fruits, if they have thousands of safe food, but eat these dry fruits like: – walnuts, cashews or almonds etc. It can also happen. Yes, if you read correctly, there are many disadvantages to eating them, then friends come to know about the losses due to eating these dry fruits: –

1.Almonds: – Fiber is present in very high quantities in the almond, which takes time to digest. Almond makes the digestive system weak, sometimes it can cause constipation problems. Apart from this, it also increases obesity, so use it in limited quantity. Those who have problems with old migraine should stay away from almond milk and those with thyroid should also be avoided.


2. Cashew: –Cashew is very delicious in eating, but it also damages the body. Those who have migraine problems should stay away from them because they contain amino acids which are responsible for headache. It also increases weight, in one study it has been revealed that cashew nutmeg contains more allergic substances than other dry fruits. If after eating cashew nuts, if you have swelling and breathing difficulties in the face and throat, then immediately Meet the doctor.

3. Raisins: -Raisins contains a lot of sugar, which is harmful to health. Raisins increase the chances of getting diarrhea, they sticks to your teeth, which also threatens to become cavity. So rinse or brush, after eating, it also produces the problem of indigestion and stomach ache due to excessive eating, and occasionally diarrhea can occur.

4. Pistachio: -Pistachio contains potassium which is beneficial for blood pressure, stress etc. But it is harmful to the problem of kidney, if someone has any problem with the kidney then it should not eat pistachio. It also comes with a problem of dehydration weakness, and can be heart-related problems.

5: -Walnut: -If your skin is sensitive, stay away from the walnut because its excessive consumption can cause rashes and swelling on the skin. Apart from this, if there is an asthma patient, then he should not eat nuts.

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