what to do when wedding day arrived periods?

Your special day, you have bought the right dress, all the guests have come and then you have also made plans for honeymoon. There is no shortage in marriage, so thousands of times have asked from your wedding planner, in all these rumors, one thing has gone out of the mind, that is the period of marriage itself on the day of marriage. Now what to do in this tension? How to do Because the wedding rituals do not care about mehendi dance and turmeric etc. There are 2 treatments, if you think that the problem will come on the day of marriage: –

1. If your marriage is fixed, then you should know that your period does not come in the middle of the marriage. If you think that you have a regular period and can have this problem on the day of marriage, then it can be forwarded or forwarded by bullets in consultation with your family doctor. Never take bullets without consulting a doctor, it can be dangerous; women whose periods are regular, they do not have any problem in increasing the cycle because they are easy to count but many women who do not have regular cycles, count the Periods There is a problem in it and it is also going to increase it.
If you carry the periods after bullets and you have enough time for the wedding, then my advice is to take 1-2 weeks before taking the tablet 1-2 weeks earlier because it makes it easier to make circulation!

2. If you have periods on honeymoon, you can talk to your hubby about this, both of you can solve it together. Do not be shy about this, they will definitely help you if you can talk to your sister or even mom, although some women enjoy the pleasure of extra lubricants these days, some of them get more pain if they If your partner is okay, then do not forget to take a towel to save the intimate bus bed!

If you have more time then you can follow the above things and if you do not have much time like this: – You have to go abroad because of a business, if you are a fiancé army, or any such situation which will lead to a 1-2 month intervals How to handle in periods and even periods. If there is such a situation with you then do not be afraid, we will tell you some simple tips that will help you to get out of this trouble. Nge: –


1.If you also complain of abdominal pain and cramps during periods, then keep painkiller pills on your wedding day, so that the most important day of life is not in pain and bacchani, but smiling by being happy using these medicines Ask your sister or friend to stay around you so that you do not have trouble if you need a shot at time.

2. You may have to sit for hours due to the rasa, so in this case you will not feel comfortable wearing pare and they become too moist. Therefore instead of pads can use menstrul cup or tempon, they are easy to use and hassle free. What is menstrul cup? It is placed inside the vagina, which causes it to become filthy and it is empty afterwards, it works for a long time.
3.If you do not feel comfortable using menstrul cups, then use long padded good pads, or you can use 2 pads together.

During periods, most women complain of pain in the feet and hips, so make sure that there is a comfortable chair / sofa arranged for sitting in the stage so that you can complete all the rituals without restricting the body and Wear perfectly flat shoes without moving.

5. The body drink tea of ​​herbal tea or ginger to remove the cramps; fresh fruits, marmalades, and nuts can reduce the pain this time. Avoid them as much as possible Avoid too much chocolate, junk food, coffee and snacks, because they can cause problems!

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